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The Official Lauren Lee Author Page

"I know what I stand for, I believe in what I know, and I live what I believe."

~ Lauren Lee

In 2008 as she spent her days in the hospital bed watching her short life almost surrender to death, Lauren discovered her purpose, her core value, her reason to keep fighting and what difference it made: To Hope.
That’s it, to hope, nothing more.
Without hope, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is no tear at the end of a tragedy, there is absolutely nothing. And thus she promised herself that every day she would make a difference, to give people hope, to change a life for the better by loving as she was loved. Then as she discovered a passion for writing, she knew no better way to carry out this promise than by sharing this purpose with others through her written work. In each of her stories there is different underlying belief of which she bases her purpose. Do you want to uncover the belief she wants to share with you through her tales about the end of civilization or a twisted serial killer?

Exciting News:

Lauren Lee has just released her second novel, The Surreal Killer. This exciting read is a story of mind twisting murder, unsanctioned love and inner betrayal.

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The Surreal Killer
Customer Reviews

"not your typical detective book"
"quite disturbing and twisted and I love it "

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